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-Ultrasound Diagnostic devices: For large animals-with rectal probe up to 12Mhz up to the models. For small animals with vet abdominal probe up to 11Mhz. Hot selling-Model KX5000 laptop ultrasound good for all kind of practice. Multi language software. Sonoscape A6V-unbelievable performances. KX-5200V wrist ultrasound-we have best price for this model. We provide all kind of probes for use in animals. All probes are electronic multi-frequency. WELD 3000V and P09-practical palm ultrasounds.

-Orthopedics: Choice of Quality Orthopedic packs including all implants and instruments. All screws are self tapping, hex head. Most popular Orthopedic complete system includes lots of tools for vet clinic. Nice aluminum cases in different size and good for all kind of autoclaves.

-Infusion and syringe pumps: Brand Mindray quality and affordable.

-Pulse oxi-meters: Model M700 best selling pulse oximeter. Patient Monitors-KM 7 small practical, does not take too much space, easy to carry and move.

-Anesthesia: RE902 mobile anesthesia unit-comes with nice aluminum carrying case, very practical for mobile veterinary services. Has quality vaporizer isoflurane or sevoflurane.

Veterinary equipment on discounted prices! Choice of veterinary supplies at low prices.

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Laptop Ultrasound Machine KX5000KVVeterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX2600KV
Regular price: $2,999.00
Sale price: $2,499.00
KX-5200KV Bovine&Equine Ultrasound MachineWED-9618V
Regular price: $2,499.00
Sale price: $2,199.00
SonoScape A6V Hand Carried Ultrasound Machine
Regular price: $7,999.00
Sale price: $6,999.00
Wrist Ultrasound Scanner MSU-1
Regular price: $2,399.00
Sale price: $1,999.00
Palm Ultrasound Scanner  KX 5100V
Regular price: $3,999.00
Sale price: $3,499.00
WED-3100V Handheld  Palm Size Ultrasound Machine
Regular price: $3,799.00
Sale price: $3,499.00
WED-3000V Palm Ultrasound Scanner
Regular price: $3,799.00
Sale price: $3,499.00
TPO-1 Test Pregnancy Veterinary Equipment
Regular price: $599.00
Sale price: $499.00
Veterinary Orthopedic Equipment-Upgraded micro  Kit

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