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Veterinary equipment at discounted prices are offered here.

KeeboMed prides itself for having a large inventory of used ultrasound equipment. Buying new ultrasound machines for your vet clinic or hospital is a huge investment. When you have decided to set up a new clinic or change the old ultrasound equipment, we bring you the right solution.

KeeboMed offers a complete range of quality pre-owned and used ultrasound systems at best prices.

Ultrasounds scanners required by veterinarians can be quite expensive especially if they are required for a special purpose. By buying used ones, it can be cost-effective. Buying use items for special practices in orthopedics, ultrasound or veterinary medicine, the vets can practice cutting-edge techniques and at the same time provide high quality services that meet the standards. Veterinary hospitals can save large sum of money by buying used equipment for sale over the internet without exceeding overhead budget.

Buying used veterinary equipment can save medical professionals 40%-75%, while providing the best service to their clients.

When you buy a used ultrasound machine from us, we will ensure that you get a like-new system that does its job flawless. Moreover, our team of ultrasound experts will be there to provide assistance, whenever you need.

Used ultrasound machines are just a part of our vast product range. We offer complete range of new vet equipment and supplies, procured by the renowned manufacturers & industry leaders.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We provide warranty on the products. No need to worry.

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Used HCU Ultrasound machine SonoScape AA6
Used Sonoscape A6 Hand Carried Ultrasound
Regular price: $5,999.00
Sale price: $4,999.00
Used WED380 Veterinary Ultrasound
Regular price: $2,799.00
Sale price: $2,499.00
Used Laptop ultrasound scanner KX-5000V Demo model
Regular price: $3,999.00
Sale price: $2,499.00
Used WED-9618V Veterinary Ultrasound Machine
Ultrasound KX2600KV-Demo model
Regular price: $2,799.00
Sale price: $1,999.00
Used Laptop KUS-12 vet  with Rectal probe-open box
Regular price: $2,499.00
Sale price: $1,999.00
Used MSU-1 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine-Open box
Used WED-2000AV Ultrasound Machine
Used Siui CTS 7700 Ultrasound ScannerUsed KX5100V-Veterinary Palm Ultrasound scanner
Regular price: $3,699.00
Sale price: $2,499.00
Used Kaixin KX5200 Wrist Ultrasound Machine
Regular price: $3,999.00
Sale price: $2,999.00
Used GE LOGIQ Book XP Ultrasound MachineSonoSite MicroMaxx ultrasound  for Veterinary

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